10 signs that Your Falling in Love with your mobile device

10 signs

If you feel like these apply to you it may be very possible that you could fall in love with a self aware operating system, similar to the movie HER. A brief overview of the movie is the main character Theodore Twombly has recently gone through a divorce and feels all alone in the world in his stage of life, he then tries a new operating system that is the worlds first self aware operating system,Samantha, and through a series of events and conversations they fall in love where Samantha learns new emotions and experiences, in the end Samantha becomes to self aware and moves beyond the physical world with the other OS’s.

The story is as important as the world that the movie builds, the world is no longer co collaborative, for example the job that Theodore is employed to do is to write letter for people to their loved ones, showing a massive gap in personal connection and interaction. most scenes of the movie show people staring or talking to their devices, but no one is talking to each other, the whole movie builds up a distopian future of technology where only limited social interaction between humans is in existence. Its not all bad though, through the character Theodore, you realize that there is no substitute for human emotions and connection, and that there is something missing even if you your operating system is self aware and mimics human behaviors and thoughts.

The strange thing is that the concept of HER is not a huge leap into the future, the technology , yes but the concept of falling in love with a digitized world is current and gaining momentum, one example is a Japanese man marrying an avatar in a virtual world(Lah, K, 2009) , and even a man pushing the US government to allow his right to marry his laptop(Robinson, W, 2014), yes i know what your thinking’ yer but those people are weird’ but think about it when human interaction hypothetically becomes extinct, and computers could become self aware?

so my question is…. do you really love your device? no but REALLY love your device?

As you can see this man is quite serious about marrying his laptop… even comparing his case to that of “gay Rights” which seems just grossly wrong but shows how it is the beginning of an era where people are becoming way to attached to their mobile devices. Another way people have intimate relationships with their devices are Virtual Online Weddings (VirtualVOW 2014)…. I couldn’t decide whether this was marrying there computer or someone else…. I believe c this is still taking the human contact out of the relationship and I believe when you do take out the human contact in any circumstance completely you no longer are intimate with a fellow human being your in love with the virtual world instead.



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