How will I Ever Repay You!!! : Student Fees , Government and Future Scenarios

Futuring can be done in many ways, many people do it every day, ” When I finish my degree I will be in this type job, and married by the time im 30″  is an example of an individual futuring there life based of there experience, whether they realize it or not. In my short experience at developing future scenarios ive come to realise that almost everyone you meet will have a different opinion, for example I had recently undertaken a futuring workshop ‘ ‘Valuing Student Voices When Exploring, Creating and Planning for the future of Australian Higher Education’ run by Alexander Crosby. In this workshop we looked at possible scenarios in groups of how the Uni of the future would be, and what i noticed from all the different groups proposed scenarios highly differing views of what the future of education may look like.

From this workshop I found myself looking more closely at the protests and events that have taken form around the Federal Governments proposed reforms to Higher education, particularly the issues that affect me the most:

  • a full deregulation of fees ( Knott, M & Kenny M. 2014)
  •  an average funding cut of 20 per cent for university courses (Knott, M & Kenny M. 2014)

These changes seem to be making it further and further out of reach to get an higher education. As a society in 2014 the HELP Debt has risen to a collective of $30 billion , But even more close to home is that design and art students generaly get paid the lowest rate on graduating at approximately $40,000 PA….(Mcdougall, B & Bodkin, P, 2014) (do you feel like you have chosen the wrong degree yet? then maybe you should keep reading). Personally I have had to rack up so far over $30,000 in debt, which is still rising everyday I try to be a productive and educated member of society. Every Day I feel like my future is becoming more dismal in this economic climate not even to mention future generations.

Design has such power to change the world, but how can we use this to full potential if we are trapped by all this debt? If your trapped by debt all that you are worried about is getting a job to pay the bills rather than changing the world.

From this dilema and the skills I obtained from the futuring workshop I created a set of axis that I believed were going to be the biggest dilema to the future of higher education.


In the future University fees are inevitably going to increase, while I believe that happens I believe the amount of people  who choose to get a higher education will drop because face it who will want to enter a life time of debt. This result has been proven in the UK where a similar scheme that the Australian Government propose lead to a sharp decrease in enrollments. (Laurence, J, 2013.)

The reason I looked into this is I fear for the future of Australian Universities not only for my near future but for my children as well, they deserve to have an quality education the same as me and equal to the time when most of the politics in power such as Joe Hockey education and sincerely hope my prediction is wrong.

To conclude here is a representation of a student trying to pay back there loan.

(Izquierdo, P, 2014)




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