How Far Would YOU Go?

Is this what people call ‘love gone too far’?


Post 3- How Far Would YOU Go? (3)

(Boboltz, 2014)

Some of these just seem way too much, love can only go so far before it becomes a dangerous obsession and that’s what the ever-advancing technological world has done to our generation. Losing our awareness of responsibility, rationality and sensibility just for a device may have been seen as outrageous in the past but nowadays we hear too many of these stories to even be surprised anymore

We see it all over news every single time, especially when Apple brings out a new product and it just seems to get crazier. As the date of release for the iPhone 6 in China is still unknown, they have gone extremely frustrated and taken extreme lengths to get their hands on one. Reaching out to oversea relatives, going overseas directly and paying extreme amounts that are way overpriced.

Post 3- How Far Would YOU Go?

(Apple, 2014)

Is it really worth it?

Having started working at a phone store recently, observations have been made on customers who walk into the store. The iPhone 6+ that is on high demand has been out of stock for our company for a few weeks yet we continuously obtain new contract and pre-orders, even unofficial waiting lists with over 30 forms and they probably won’t see their iPhones until 3-4 months time. Some people who pre-ordered early have waited over 3-4 weeks for their phones and if they haven’t received it on time, they usually come to the store 3-4 times within a week. The amount of money some customers or more specifically families spend is quite astonishing, whilst organizing contracts, we see multiple orders under one customer and most of the time they have other family members that have signed multiple under them too.

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New York Apple Inc. Store Photographed by Victor, J. Blue

(Higgins, 2014)

Your life is at risk.

Technology has been so integrated into our lives that it has become quite a serious problem, we can barely survive without looking at our phones as ‘people check their phones up to 150 times a day’ (Koelma, 2014) and our social skills have significantly decreased. We know it’s a distraction yet we can’t seem to take our eyes off it whether if we are driving, walking or sitting because we get this ‘lost feeling’ (Gibson, 2011) when it is out of sight and this has cause serious injuries as it has been observed that in Sydney approximately ‘1 in 10 pedestrians were using a mobile device while crossing the road’. (Koelma, 2014) If you aren’t convinced about this obsession or the harm it might do to your life, have a read of this article and tell me you aren’t scared:

So what do you think of your smartphone now?

You are probably not thinking much different to what you did before you read this post and possibly even surfing the Samsung website looking at the new Samsung Note 4 and Samsung Note Edge, ready to order it and become super obsessed with it for days. While you are at it, why don’t you check out the Samsung Gear which seems extremely evolutional yet completely insane (sorry, just can’t seem to stop talking about it’s design and features. Dream come true!)

Post 3- How Far Would YOU Go? (3) Post 3- How Far Would YOU Go? (4)

(Samsung, 2014)


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